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Seifsa/Numsa agreement

I am compelled to inform the Industry that Seifsa and Numsa are on the verge of reaching an agreement. The agreement primarily hinges on wages – particulars of this will be communicated soon.

The Seifsa/Numsa agreement means exactly this:

  • It is a Seifsa/Numsa agreement – nothing more, nothing less (although the other Steel Industry trade unions will support it, simply because they have no choice).
  • It excludes 87 percent of employers in the Steel Industry.
  • It will do nothing to address the South African crisis of unemployment; to the contrary, it will cause this devastating trend to continue.

The parties to this deal will now seek the support of the employers who were not part of their “secret” talks. They will fail.

We will keep you posted on developments and advise on the way forward.

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