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A Momentous Scandal

By Gerhard Papenfus

The impact of Covid-19 on the health of many individuals was severe. Many lost their lives. However, the impact of the response by governments, globally, including here in South Africa, was, in the very least, misdirected, and at worst, fraudulent. Nobody escaped its horrific impact.

Never before was the entire human race subjected to an experimental medical treatment (vaccines), through the implementation of the most aggressive propaganda campaign, as was experienced during the time of Covid-19.

Why write about this now that the Covid nightmare is seemingly behind us, one might ask. This subject remains important because it is most certainly not behind us. The legal framework which made this madness possible is still on the law books; the shattered lives, as a result of the inhumane lockdowns and forced vaccine mandates are still with us; and there is the danger of this catastrophe, or something similar to it, being repeated.

As we speak the World Health Organisation (WHO) is conducting negotiations on a new Pandemic Treaty, using the “zero draft” as a basis for negotiating an agreement to, per their motivation, “protect nations and communities from future pandemic emergencies.” Coming from the WHO, this is a dangerous development, potentially threatening the sovereignty of nations.

Right from the outset, from the moment this new virus was introduced globally, the term ‘the great reset’ was introduced surreptitiously, almost as a prediction of what was to come; as if the eventual socio-, economic- and political impact of this virus was clear from the outset. We now know that it was not a matter of exceptional foresight, but rather a matter of following the global script, and obeying instructions to promote a particular narrative, promoting a Covid response and intended outcome that were designed even before the outbreak of the ‘pandemic’.

In South Africa, the President adopted his own opportunistic alternative to  ‘the great reset’, by repeatedly emphasising the opportunity for radical transformation in South Africa presented by the virus. How can a virus present an opportunity for socio-, economic- and political transformation, any clear-thinking person might ask. It simply makes no sense. But here no clear thinking was involved; looking back, everything was done according to a pre-determined script.

One very important narrative, at least extremely important for those driving the Covid-agenda, was that the Covid-virus had its origin in a ‘wet market’ in Wuhan (China). Scientists who dared to suggest that the virus originated in a laboratory in Wuhan were ridiculed, ignored in the mainstream media and censored on certain social media platforms.

However, the entire ‘wet market’ narrative is now destroyed, and the global political manoeuvring, manipulation and bribery aimed at suppressing the ‘lab-leak’ theory are now exposed. This very important admission is made by none other than the US government. Those who fraudulently concocted this Covid-fabrication will hopefully face the music for their actions.

The ‘lab-leak’ theory was suppressed simply because it would have undermined the entire Covid-19 narrative and response with which the whole world was misled. Those behind this plot had to prevent the ‘lab-leak’ theory gaining prominence at all costs. There would have been resistance to the Covid response plan if the global population was aware that the virus they were facing, was the result of unlawful ‘gain of function’ research (experiments to make viruses more potent), by US scientists in an unsafe laboratory in Wuhan, from where it then escaped.

The global population would have responded completely differently if they were aware that the tyrannical lockdown measures and vaccine mandates were the result of a dangerously manufactured virus, and that the ones who were behind the sham, were also the ones who spectacularly benefitted financially from the treatment (vaccines).

It would have been impossible for governments to introduce these lockdowns and mandated speculative medical treatments (vaccines), if the global population was aware of:

– the origin of the virus and the underhanded motives behind its development;
– the rushed and inadequate research behind lockdowns (and everything that went with it);
– the inadequate research behind the vaccine as the ‘only’ treatment for the virus;
– the fact that safer and more appropriate alternative treatment was (and is) available; and
– that natural immunity is the most superior form of immunity.
This, however, was deliberately withheld from people all around the world. We now know that these experimental vaccines are not only incapable of protecting people against the virus and preventing the spread of the virus, but that they are downright dangerous. Not only do countries with higher vaccination rates have higher case statistics but it is now also established beyond doubt that the more one vaccinates, the more one becomes susceptible to Covid-19 infection. The death and injuries as a result of the vaccine, and the global decline of global health as a result of the lockdown, is not explored in this article.

Anyone who dared criticise the vaccine mandates was ostracized, ridiculed and cancelled. The propaganda machine of the pharmaceutical industrial complex, through bribery and monetary manipulation, succeeded in quieting almost all dissenting voices. Few scientists, doctors and journalists had the courage to speak out.

In order to protect their own careers, scientists, doctors and journalists, globally, chose to accept their respective governments’ narratives, simply because it was too dangerous not to.

Instead of providing proper information to the public, our Government provided a compulsory legal framework within which businesses could force their staff to be vaccinated, and get rid of those who refused, and thereby vicariously enforced mandatory vaccination. Clearly, according to Government, this was the most appropriate response to Covid-19. This caused unspeakable harm to those who refused to be vaccinated; those individuals who saw this Covid-19 sham, and Government’s response thereto, for what it really was.

The blame for the global carnage that was caused by the global Covid response needs to be put squarely at the door of government and the institutions and scientists that advised them. The global population depended on their governments to guide them through this (manufactured) crisis. But governments failed them. The fallout as a result of this will be severe, especially the loss of trust in, and the reputational damage to governments, the medical, scientific and pharmaceutical fraternity.


According to British Medical Journal, medicine today “is largely dominated by a small number of very large pharmaceutical companies that compete for market share, but are effectively united in their efforts to expanding that market. Scientific progress is thwarted by the ownership of data and knowledge because industry supresses negative trial results, fails to report adverse events, and does not share raw data with the academic research community. Patients die because of the adverse impact of commercial interests on the research agenda, universities, and regulators”

The truth about what has transpired over the last three years has already been exposed. Those who do not see it, are those who choose to ignore it. But the truth will prevail, one way or another.
Gerhard Papenfus is the Chief Executive of the National Employers’ Association of South Africa (NEASA).
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