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The Minister of Trade, Industry and Competition has indicated that certain critical businesses and certain key personnel in non-essential businesses are excluded from the lockdown provisions. These businesses should continue to operate in order to provide critical products and services to the country.

A draft list of exempted activities has been included in the attached template.

Please note that this is not the official list from the dti, which is to be published on the dti’s website by tomorrow.

Employers should take cognisance of the fact that the list refers to specific critical business activities and not to a business in general. Should an activity of any business not be listed, such activity must be ceased as per the lockdown regulations.

The limit of 100 people does not apply to these firms, but they are required to implement social distancing and suitable Occupational Health and Safety rules to prevent the spreading of the virus.

Despite the lockdown, the following non-essential personnel will be allowed to attend work, if and when required:

• essential care for the elderly and sick;
• private security;
• back office support for salary payments;
• delivery of food;
• veterinarian services; and
• food retailers.

A full list will be made available on the IDC’s website by tomorrow.

In the interim, it will be expected of employers to provide such employees with a letter of confirmation, a template can be accessed here.

Employers are required to:

• copy the template onto a letterhead;
• complete all company information on this template;
• prepare an individual letter indicating the name of each employee who will be working (attach a copy of his/her identity document);
• identify the sector as per the included list;
• provide a company stamp; and
• inform their local police station.

We are aware that trade unions are currently attempting to interfere with the implementation of the measures. Please refer all such approaches to your regional NEASA office.

We will keep members abreast of any further developments.




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