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Dear employer The Department of Trade, Industry and Competition has indicated that businesses performing essential services, in terms of the regulations, and which previously acquired a certificate to be classified as an essential service, must acquire an updated certificate by 20 April 2020. The Department has indicated that new certificates will be mailed to the e-mail addresses provided during the first round of registration. The new certificates can also be downloaded at www.bizportal.gov.za. Businesses that have been added to the essential services list, in terms of the amended regulations of 16 April 2020, must also register on this site and obtain a certificate.

Please use the following enterprise number format when requesting a new certificate.
If you are a company registered:
before 1 May 2011
: M2010123456
after 1 May 2011
: K2014123456
If you are a:
Close Corporation: B2011123456
Cooperative: C2018133556

Only business entities registered with the CIPC, i.e. companies and close corporations, will be able to obtain a certificate but other business entities such as sole proprietors and small scale farmers, which are rendering essential services, do not require a certificate. Essential service businesses should ensure that the permits issued to employees reflect the new extended date of the lockdown from 17 April 2020 to 30 April 2020.

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