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by Gerhard Papenfus

Every flight is preceded by a safety announcement. Among others, this announcement contains an instruction that, in the event of an emergency (indeed in the case of a life-threatening emergency) which results in a drop of cabin pressure, a parent (or any accompanying adult) must make use of the emergency oxygen first, before assisting the child.

In all circumstances, including emergencies, no matter how life threatening, oxygen is key. Without that, any chance of survival is eliminated.

No matter from which angle you approach it, the economy is South Africa’s lifeblood, the carrier of the oxygen. The moment blood supply is interrupted, the oxygen supply is interrupted as well and the result is either an impaired- or a deceased patient.

Over years government has done everything within their power, albeit slowly, to strangle the economy. They’ve done it through the very slow and subtle implementation of the National Democratic Revolution in order not to alert the populace to what is happening, in order not to trigger any form of pushback. But the signs of an already impaired economy is clear for all to see – perhaps the most visible sign – the 35% (unofficial but more correct) unemployment rate. That is before government’s response to Covid-19.

The response to the Covid-19 scenario was, almost globally, executed in a converse manner. South Africa went into overdrive. The immediate, irrational, response was to impede the blood circulation (commerce) and, in doing so, cut the oxygen supply. This will result in a very impaired patient, one with brain damage and on life support.

There is not a single situation imaginable, where the blood supply and the flow of oxygen is intentionally interrupted, unless it is your aim to kill the patient.

Only time will tell.

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