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by Gerhard Papenfus

The panicked response to an unknown virus – although there is, as yet, only speculation, and abounding theories in respect of where the Coronavirus originated or who designed it and for what purpose, one thing is becoming very clear: the panicked response to Covid-19 may prove to be the biggest blunder of our lifetime. It may even prove to be one of the biggest errors in judgement ever made, globally and here. It might even prove to be an all-out sham.

Instead of bringing calm and sound perspective, protecting the old and vulnerable, to the extent that is possible and within the means available, ‘they’ have opted for the worst possible option; closing the world economy, locking away the healthy and productive, destroying life and livelihood; and it is now becoming more and more apparent; they were wrong. The whole thing was built on a false premise.

Governments no longer control the airwaves and the news. It has become the territory of social media, and although that has indeed created abundant scope for fake news, it is now for reasonable people to distinguish between true and false, likely or unlikely. Governments may wish this away, but it is here to stay.

Globally, and here in South Africa, the tide has changed against the current narrative: the number of people being infected, the mortality rate, the lockdown response, the preventative measures, the social distancing – all of this is under scrutiny, and for good reason. Firstly, there is abundant medical and scientific data available which contradicts the current take on this matter as well as the response thereto.

Secondly, here in South Africa, who will believe that the leadership which oversaw state capture, failed SOE’s, a failed education system, a failed health system, failed municipalities, cadre deployment and many more failures, all of a sudden got this one right. That is highly unlikely.

The sentiment against the lockdown is growing. It is already despised by many. The state has already taken this too far, and, in terms of credibility, they are on a slippery slope.

It is in everybody’s interests for the lockdown to be lifted and the economy to be reignited.

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