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Yesterday I watched my grandson (just over one year old) climbing from a concrete structure onto a slippery plastic chair approximately 15 inches away. It is the first time he’s taken on such a venture. He’s old enough to realise the risk; he does not want to fall; he’s hurt himself enough before.

But he does it anyway. He moans aloud as he attempts this giant step. He is scared but he continues – and he succeeds. A huge lesson from a child.

A few days ago I read this: “You are wired for strength …. you learn weakness”. I don’t know who initially said this. My grandchild, if he continues like this, will achieve greatness. If he listens to those around him and start playing it safe, he will become mediocre. I pray that he doesn’t.

Greatness and a full life, lie in doing what we’re most afraid of. Dare yourself to face and outface fear.

That is how the Father wants us to live.

Gerhard Papenfus