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The idea for this newsletter originates from many years ago when I was serving in the South African Defence Force. I fondly remember a particular staff sergeant, who responded, when he could not understand somebody’s behaviour, by uttering in his very unique way, the word ‘strange’.

Very recently a member of the South African Engineers’ and Founders’ Association (SAEFA), resigned from this Association after being convinced by Seifsa to do so. Being a member of SAEFA, under the current dispensation, this employer had the right to pay wages according to the needs and abilities of his business. He had the freedom to manoeuvre and conduct his business the way he saw fit.

However, in some incomprehensible manner he was convinced by Seifsa to resign from SAEFA and join a Seifsa federated organisation, where he does not have any of the freedoms outlined above, but where he is obliged to pay a wage which he can’t afford, hence his subsequent application for exemption from the wages agreed upon by his newly found ‘salvation’ – Seifsa. What on earth could have caused him to do such a thing? Did Seifsa tell him something which convinced him to do so?


The fact that a ‘broker’ can convince an investor to withdraw his money from a relative secure institution and invest it in a Ponzi scheme, may perhaps explain why Seifsa can convince an employer to act ‘strange’.

Kind regards