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Dear Steel Lobbyist


We have received overwhelming response from employers in the Steel Industry indicating their desire to be involved in turning the Industry around.

Due to the large number of employers in Gauteng who committed to this cause it is not logistically prudent to have a single meeting with all lobbyists in Gauteng.

For the purposes of executing our plan to dramatically increase our influence, NEASA has allocated each lobbyist to a specific legal advisor in Gauteng who will be contacting you in order to set up a meeting with you to kickstart the process going.

Lobbyist will be expected to utilise their respective contacts and networks in order to, with the assistance of their allocated advisor, facilitate mass recruitment for the purpose of taking back control of the Industry.

We thank you for your willingness to participate in this endeavour and we will be contacting you in the immediate future.

Kind regards




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hard the road may be; for without victory there is no survival.

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