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How disingenuous to push a poison that you are not willing to swallow yourself!

Dear Steel Industry Employer

It has come to our attention that Seifsa is presenting a seminar on the virtues of their destructive collective agreement. They are also advancing reasons as to why non-parties to this agreement, namely all non-Seifsa affiliated employers, should align themselves with this agreement.

The simple fact of the matter is that all non-Seifsa employers within the scope of the MEIBC are simply not bound by this agreement and are free to conduct business in a fair, competitive and market driven manner. Why would employers require training on an agreement that has absolutely no bearing on them and probably never will?

It is illuminating that Seifsa fails to disclose that scores of their employer members are continuing to apply nationally for exemption from the very agreement they wish non-parties to align themselves with.

Cheap propaganda indeed.

Kind Regards

Privileged and challenged to be South African.
We are all in this together.