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Seifsa – for you small business is small fry


You have recently circulated a survey “to ask small businesses in the metals and engineering industry about the ease of doing business in the sector (sic)” and “to make the industry’s collective voice heard (sic)”.

NEASA has always been a very vocal proponent of the crucial importance of SMME’s and a staunch supporter of their plight.

However, we are repulsed by the underlying inference contained in your survey that you care about SMME’s in any manner, shape or form. The ludicrousness of such a proposition is evident from your conduct over decades which had but only one goal in mind – to benefit big business, your major supporter, to the detriment of SMME’s.

How can you possibly claim to support SMME’s when you cling to, and actively promote a dispensation which effectively, not only silences the voice of the SMME, but which is so expensive that it completely eradicates any possibility to compete or even survive.

Your question regarding the ease of doing business is easy to answer: doing business is not only difficult but, in many cases, nearly impossible – and that is due to your actions. Your outrageous employment dispensation (unlawfully extended to non-parties, specifically SMME’s) has caused the large scale destruction of the Industry.

Your questions to SMMEs should rather have been:

•    How difficult has Seifsa made it for SMMEs to do business?
•    How close to the brink of destruction did Seifsa manage to push SMMEs?

SMMEs are indeed the voice of the Industry as they comprise by far the majority of employers in the sector. There is however little value in obtaining “the industry’s collective voice (sic)” if you intend to either undermine the interest of SMMEs or to simply ignore it.

In doing what you are doing – attempting to lure SMMEs into your lair – you are proving once again that, as far as SMMEs are concerned…




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